Webinar: The Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Join us for this webinar to understand your pregnancy and how your body is trying to adapt to the changes. Whether your body is keeping up or is struggling–we will help you see the stress inside your body and how it is contributing to different challenges, such as low energy levels, proper alignment, discomfort, stress, sleeping issues, headaches, tension, pubic bone discomfort, sciatica, and more!


Webinar: Teen Anxiety + Depression

REGISTER AT: https://davidturner.mywellnessinsights.com/WTAD0001 Is your teen experiencing emotional instability and mood swings? Have you noticed a shift in your teen’s behavior? Do you have a gut instinct that they’re dealing with some internal emotional roller coasters, possibly anxiety or depression? Are you feeling the effects of it throughout the entire household – walking on eggshells, not knowing which version of your teen you’re going to encounter, or wondering how you can help them feel less stressed? If your teen is showing symptoms of: Avoidance Being withdrawn Feeling constantly tired Mood Swings Unpredictability Being closed-off Then, you’ll likely benefit from joining us on Tuesday, April 7th at 7:30 pm…


No More Numbness! Meet Audrey

We’ve got another AWESOME success story for you! Audrey came to us feeling just miserable. She had extreme pain in her back, neck, and legs. Her legs and feet would go numb, making it difficult for her to walk or just do ordinary tasks during the day. The pain and numbness also made sleeping difficult too. She had her initial evaluation and was impressed with the thorough examination and personalized care plan directed to her specific needs. She says, “Dr. Turner made me feel welcomed and confident that I was in the right place!” Since she’s been in regular chiropractic care at impACT Chiropractic, she can now walk…

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