Photo Credit: Meggan Goff

When our youngest daughter, Maeve, turned one, her entire body flared up with eczema. There were areas on her arms and legs that were so bad, we had to wrap her in gauze and medical tape to prevent her from scratching. At times, she would scratch to the point of making herself bleed. She was miserable and as her parents, we were miserable watching her suffer.
As a parent, I have always taken a more natural approach to health care and that is why I reached out to Dr. Turner at impACT Chiropractic. With regular chiropractic adjustments, changing her diet, and doing our best to control environmental allergens, we have seen great improvement in Maeve’s skin. And her overall health has improved tremendously as well.
Dr. Turner is very attentive to Maeve’s (and Mommy’s) needs. We know that healing takes time and because of the leaps and bounds we have already made, we are hopeful for what the future holds for our little Maeve and completely healing her eczema from the inside out. Dr. Turner and his staff are like a second family to us. The care and effort he puts into helping his patients is an example that the rest of the medical community should be looking to.

~ Andrea S.


Before we came to Dr. Turner, each one of us were in and out of the doctors’ offices regularly. I was taking antibiotics every few months for sinus infections. My husband, Kris, had frequent sinus issues and tension headaches. Our boys seemed to get sick all the time. Our youngest son was diagnosed with asthma and allergies and prescribed breathing treatments and steroids. I was so tired of all the medications we were putting into our bodies and worried about what these medicines were doing to our health long-


After just a few months at impACT Chiropractic, we were feeling healthy for the first time in years. Dr. Turner didn’t just focus on adjustments but our overall health, coaching us to a healthier lifestyle. Today my son is asthma-free and we are no longer slaves to the pharmacy. We love coming in for adjustments. We feel like part of the family here.

~ Anna L.



Photo Credit: Meggan Goff

After spending years going in and out of multiple doctor offices for a variety of ailments, I am so glad that I decided to give chiropractic care a chance. I was skeptical at first but Dr. Turner and his staff were so welcoming and helpful. My youngest daughter suffered from acute asthma and eczema. I would have to take her to the doctor’s office multiple times every month. I suffered from excruciating migraines and chronic lower back pain that would interfere with my daily life.

Since receiving educated guidance and wonderful chiropractic care from Dr. Turner, our lives have been forever changed! I am happy to say that my youngest daughter no longer suffers from acute asthma and eczema! We no longer have to visit multiple doctors every month. My headaches have drastically decreased in frequency and pain, and my chronic lower back pain is gone! Making the decision to seek care with Dr. Turner was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my daughters and myself!!!
If you’re looking for a doctor who truly cares about the wellbeing of his patients, who has expertise and experience, and who provides the highest quality of services, then Dr. Turner at impACT Chiropractic is who you should see.

~ Lindsay D.