Hey Mommy-to-Be! Did you know chiropractic care during pregnancy can help you and baby have a smoother, healthier, and safer birth? In fact, chiropractic care during pregnancy can help with all sorts of things you might not be aware of. That’s one of the reasons we LOVE working with mommies-to-be! Here are just a few things chiropractic care can do for you and baby during pregnancy:

Relieve nausea
Improve sleep
Increase comfort
Correct pelvic balance
Reduce heartburn
Improve digestion
Increase space for baby to move
Allow baby to move into correct birth position
Lower risk of intervention
Make delivery easier & faster

Is it Safe?

Yes! Prenatal chiropractic care is gentle and safe for both mom and baby. Chiropractors who work with expecting mommies should be certified in The Webster Technique and have significant experience caring for pregnant women.

What is The Webster Technique?

The Webster Technique is a specific type of chiropractic adjustment to the sacral part of the spine. Your sacral spine or sacrum forms the back part of the pelvic girdle, below the lumbar vertebrae. The sacrum can become “stuck” (called a subluxation or subluxated) in such a way that it restricts the baby’s ability to move around inside the womb. The adjustments performed in The Webster Technique release this subluxation, restoring balance to the pelvis. When the pelvis is in balance, the baby can move and stretch in the womb instead of being constricted. Giving the baby more room to move also gives baby the opportunity to move into the correct position for birth in the later stages of pregnancy. In this way, The Webster Technique helps reduce the incidence of breech and transverse presentation by relaxing physical constrictions from mom’s pelvis that might be preventing baby from moving into the correct position for birth.

Dr. David Turner is Webster Technique Certified and happy to answer any questions you might have about chiropractic care when you’re expecting. We’re here for you through every stage of life, especially the delicate and amazing stage of pregnancy.

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