No More Numbness! Meet Audrey

We’ve got another AWESOME success story for you! Audrey came to us feeling just miserable. She had extreme pain in her back, neck, and legs. Her legs and feet would go numb, making it difficult for her to walk or just do ordinary tasks during the day. The pain and numbness also made sleeping difficult too. She had her initial evaluation and was impressed with the thorough examination and personalized care plan directed to her specific needs. She says, “Dr. Turner made me feel welcomed and confident that I was in the right place!” Since she’s been in regular chiropractic care at impACT Chiropractic, she can now walk…


On her way to better health! Meet Dolores!

Before starting care at impACT Chiropractic, Dolores was experiencing a number of symptoms that left her feeling off and drained of energy. She suffered from daily headaches and a stiff neck that limited her mobility. She lived with constant neck and shoulder pain and severe pain in the lumbar region of her back that would radiate to her legs and hips. Dolores suffers from GERD and was on three Zantac per day and still experienced breakthrough reflux. Dolores was also concerned about a loss of feeling in the entire top of her left foot. In the six months Dolores has been under chiropractic care, she’s had a number…


Crossfit in her 60s! Meet Phyllis!

When she relocated from PA to the Myrtle Beach area, Phyllis knew she wanted to find a chiropractor in the area. A very active person, she got busy with her physical training and daily life until a nagging, persistent headache hit. Her headache was impacting her workouts and her day-to-day life. “Little did I know how much chiropractic care has enabled me to progress and get stronger and more mobile,” she says. Her Crossfit coach referred her to Dr. Turner at impACT Chiropractic for an evaluation. During her initial evaluation, Dr. Turner explained the findings from the diagnostic testing and what could be done to improve her spinal…