Impact Chiropractic was created with a simple mission—to inspire and help families and our community strive for true health and wellness. How do we do that? We provide chiropractic care for the whole family. Impact Chiropractic is an all ages and all stages practice. We strive to provide the best chiropractic care for every age and at every stage of life because we know that nothing is more important than growing a healthy family.

A Health Revolution

While our mission starts in our office, it extends far beyond our doors. We have a serious crisis in our local community and in our country. We have more “health care” than ever before, yet we have record levels of widespread chronic disease. We have more and more medications to manage the symptoms of these diseases, but none of them solve the actual root cause of the disease. Covering up symptoms isn’t health care, it’s sick care. The truth is, we can do better and every one of us deserves better.

How do we get there? We start a health revolution. The revolution begins with getting back to the very basics of how the human body works and what it needs to function properly and heal itself as it is innately designed to do. Chiropractic care is just one key part of helping the body function at the optimum level of health and vitality. We walk with you on your personal health journey because we want you and your family to experience genuine wellness and live life without limits.

We offer opportunities for you to learn more about all aspects of health with special events, presentations, webinars, and more. We ask you to join us in giving back and reaching out to our community. When you come to one of our events, please bring your family members, bring your friends, bring your neighbors, bring the new family from your church, bring the person you met in line at the supermarket. You are an important member of our mission to transform the health of our community. Together we can create lasting IMPACT.

Our History

Dr. David Turner opened Turner Chiropractic and Rehab in 2003. Having helped hundreds of clients transform their lives and health, Dr. Turner felt called and challenged to do more. An area native, seeing so many people in his community get caught up in the “sick care system”, he knew that he, his team, and his extended family of clients could make a real difference—create a lasting impact. In 2016, he took the first steps to transition to Impact Chiropractic. A complete re-branding, re-imagined vision for the practice, and a long list of changes later—including a major office renovation to create a more open and inviting space—Dr. Turner and his team are more dedicated than ever to helping families and the community achieve true and lasting health.