As a lifelong sufferer of migraine headaches, I started chiropractic care 24 years ago as an alternative to other types of treatment such as pain meds or Botox injections. My family and I believe in living a natural lifestyle, eating clean, being active and avoiding unnecessary toxins. After I had been in chiropractic care (with a different chiropractor) for many years, something changed about three years ago. I began to experience migraines every 24 to 48 hours. With the simplest activity or smallest movement, my cervical vertebrae would come out of alignment.

In order to correct my cervical issues, a specialist recommended a spinal fusion surgery which would immobilize my head and neck. This fusion would forever alter my physical abilities, even preventing me from being able to nod my head. As a homeschooling mom, business owner and head of an active family, I knew that spinal fusion surgery was NOT a road I wanted to go down. I also believe in chiropractic care and wanted to continue with a healthier, non-invasive alternative.

My chiropractor at the time tried several types of adjustments, therapies and other treatments. The last treatment was being fitted with a cervical collar. I was advised to wear the collar four to six hours every day. And whenever I felt the stirrings of a migraine begin, I was to put the collar on to help hold things in place. Even with this, I still experienced migraines every 24 to 48 hours. Something as simple as sneezing, turning my head or lifting my arms would trigger a migraine. With this, I began to limit and eventually eliminate activities that I loved. I missed out on tennis, bowling, bike riding, rollerblading and even just playing outside with my kids. For two and a half years, I was stuck in this anxiety-inducing cycle of migraine headaches. I wasn’t able to be that fun, active mom anymore and I struggled to maintain as much of a “normal life” as possible for my family.

About six months ago, I ran into Dr. Turner during a career day at a local elementary school. We’re both Conway natives and being I graduated high school with his older brother, we recognized each other immediately.  As we began to catch up, I shared my history of migraines and how they were impacting not just my life but my family as well. He told me that often times, approaching a situation like mine with a different set of eyes and a different set of hands can provide different results. I decided to see if his eyes and hands could help. Within a month and a half of being under Dr. Turner’s care, the constant cycle of migraines that occurred every 24 to 48 hours lessened. And now, I’ve gone 4 months without a migraine!

Dr. Turner has literally given me back my life. That might sound extreme but he has made such a difference. With his help, I can now be that active mom again, pain free, fully engaged in my dog training business and in my family’s life. Reconnecting with Dr. Turner has been a blessing and a gift all in itself. I am looking forward to reintroducing activities that I love and continuing to live an active lifestyle right alongside my family. I am so grateful that this can be a reality for me and many others with the wonderful care that Dr. Turner and his staff provide (including Baxter, who is an excellent office dog and stress-reliever). Thank you for all that you do!!!


Gina C.

February 2019