Gas Pedal Versus Brake Pedal

In our office, we talk about this concept of the gas pedal versus the brake pedal. For our nervous system to be in balance, the gas pedal should be balanced out by the brake pedal. Think of it like this: when we’re stressed, our body goes into fight or flight mode. Our blood flow moves from our internal organs to our muscles, our non-essential systems like digestion and reproduction get down-regulated, and our adrenaline and other stress hormones up-regulate to prepare us to run from the saber-toothed tiger that wants to eat us. Even though there are no longer saber-toothed tigers after us, our bodies respond the same…


Pay It Forward

This is the time of year when we give thanks for all of the wonderful people and blessings we have. As our way of saying thank you to our community, every November we have a Pay It Forward campaign to collect non-perishable food for The Community Kitchen of Myrtle Beach. Located on Mr. Joe White Avenue, The Community Kitchen provides nutritious meals for hungry people and families in need in our community. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, they serve hundreds of meals to the hungry every day right here in Horry County. Our mission each year is to try to collect a TON, literally 2,000 pounds of food to…