Every journey has a starting point, a first step. This first step with our office is to determine where you are on your unique health journey. We do that with a set of two appointments (days): Get Checked! Day and Discovery Day.

Day One: Get Checked! Day

“We don’t guess. We test.”

Get Checked! Day is your initial evaluation with us. This evaluation includes consultation with Dr. Turner, a physical exam, a nervous system function test, and x-rays (if needed).

We use state-of-the-art technology to perform scans that provide key details about how your nervous system is functioning. These pain-free and non-invasive tests show the current state of your nervous system function, potential areas of concern, and any interference in nervous system function that could be causing health consequences you might not realize are already taking place. In many cases, interference or dysfunction begins long before we feel any physical symptoms. This is why the Get Checked! part of the process is so important!

After your first appointment, Dr. Turner will review the results of your nervous system function test, any x-rays taken, his notes from your exam and consultation, as well as all of the information you provided about your concerns, challenges, and health goals to determine two very important things:

1. Is chiropractic care truly a fit for you and your unique journey?
2. Based on your current nervous system function and individual needs, what are his recommendations for your unique care plan?



Day Two: Discovery Day

In your second visit with us, Dr. Turner will go over his report of findings with you, including a discussion of results from your nervous system function test, x-rays, and his observations during your physical exam. This is a lot of information, so it’s helpful to bring along a family member or trusted friend to this visit. They might think of additional questions, have observations to share, and can be a second pair of ears for you.

Feel free to ask questions! For many people, the insights provided by your Get Checked! Evaluation reveal unexpected details about your health that can have a life-changing impact. It’s very important to us that you have a clear understanding of Dr. Turner’s findings so you can make well-informed decisions about your care.

Finally, Dr. Turner will discuss with you how chiropractic care can assist you on your health journey and explain his recommended care plan to address your unique needs.


Impact! A Chiropractic Welcome Workshop

This workshop is part of our new patient orientation. Our goal is to teach you everything you need to know to get the best results from your care with us, in the least amount of time, for the least amount of money. This workshop is generally held on the first and third Monday evening each month.
Also keep an eye out for special presentations, workshops, movie screenings, and other events at our office to support our clients and our community in growing a healthy life and healthy families.