Before starting care at impACT Chiropractic, Dolores was experiencing a number of symptoms that left her feeling off and drained of energy. She suffered from daily headaches and a stiff neck that limited her mobility. She lived with constant neck and shoulder pain and severe pain in the lumbar region of her back that would radiate to her legs and hips. Dolores suffers from GERD and was on three Zantac per day and still experienced breakthrough reflux. Dolores was also concerned about a loss of feeling in the entire top of her left foot.

In the six months Dolores has been under chiropractic care, she’s had a number of great improvements so far. Her neck is no longer stiff and she’s regained her mobility there. Her headaches are gone except for an occasional sinus headache. The pain in her shoulder is gone and the pain in her neck is only occasional. She’s experienced a vast improvement in the pain in her lumbar region, which is now just occasional and only radiates a bit to her right hip. Her posture has improved and she has much more energy and an enhanced feeling of well-being. While she still deals with GERD, she’s down to two Zantac per day and no longer has breakthrough reflux. She’s even regaining sensation in her left foot.

While her care is an on-going process, we could not be more thrilled about the improvements Dolores has experienced so far. It’s an honor for us to be on this journey with her to resolve her pain and improve her overall health.